You as an individual are at the center of attention, your assets and skills, your interests, pleasures and questions. We all carry self-healing powers, yet sometimes we tend to forget to activate them by letting them resurface from our innermost source. A neutral observer can be helpful in rediscovering them with you.

Holistic psychotherapy as offered here is a method that includes various tools flexibly and thereby adapts to the patient rather than to focus on the problem alone. As the name indicates, body mind and soul are seen as one system and are included in the treatment as a whole.

The tools used include:

  • person-centered therapy,
  • intuitive empathy,
  • systemic aspects
  • soul psychology, based on a holistic approach to questions of life and purpose.

This form psychotherapy adapts the phrase ‘give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime’ and we will find your personal compass to navigate you through rough times, crises and phases of orientation.

The aim is your own self-actualization, your re-connection with your innate resources and your own stability. You will get to know and see yourself in a new light, without judgement or redirecting from the therapists’ side. This also means that you will find the answers to your questions without the therapist telling you how it is. She is your mirror and your companion on this path, but you set the course and the goals.

Mainly, this approach is a means of self-reflection. Dealing with your topics in this way initiates a process of becoming more and more aware of yourself and your interactions with your environment. Thereby, you are encouraged to tackle life’s challenges more courageously and willingly, recognizing the meaning of the lessons to be learned. Also, you can open up to respect and accept your very own individual nature, ‘flaws’ and all.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the online psychotherapy offered here is applicable to issues you have that are not of self-harming, suicidal or severe disorder nature. If you are struggling with the above mentioned, it is best to see a practitioner (at least for the initial session) in person, as a diagnosis has a higher chance of being accurate in these cases and a better, tight-knight help can be provided for you. Do feel free to book a get-to-know-session though in case you are wondering where you stand in the mental health spectrum and we can evaluate where to go from there and if working together online makes sense.

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