Your Therapist

This time round, I incarnated in Europe and spent the formative part of my youth in Asia.

My fascination for psychology and human behavior sprouted at age 14. In the late 90s, several experiences and coherent refinements in percipience opened me for spirituality, etherealness and questions about the existence as a human being.

Taking a detour via university to study for teaching certification and venturing into the field of social pedagogy, my philanthropy led me on to join a 2-year counselling training in psychological astrology. Over the years, I was also educated as a Reikimaster. For a period of over 5 years, I participated in family constellation work with my teacher, Kai Nielsen, on a regular basis. I was also trained in past life regression. As a complementary practitioner for psychotherapy, I am specialized in holistic psychotherapy.

Individuals who seek my services are willing to work on their given issues. I am their scout, motivator and compassionate companion on this journey. Seeing that my clients derive new insights, deeper understanding and inspiration from a session and are encouraged to trust and take action to live a more conscious and fulfilling life fills me with immense joy. I emphasize our own responsibility for the life we live and hope to ignite the passion for independence and proactivity in my clients.