There is space and time here for you. Lots of it. Individualized, caring, growth-enhancing, authentic, supportive, empathetic, appreciative, healing, custom-made and just for you!

… and the best thing about this is: it doesn’t matter where you are, because this space is online, here. No trafficjams, no trainrides, no masks. From the convenience of your home or while travelling, in a hotelroom or on your lunchbreak, morning, evening, whatever the timezone, whatever the timing. Uncomplicated scheduling and easy access to a safe session room…

Congratulations, you took the first step, you found this website and are browsing through the pages … the journey to your healing has already begun.

You are probably looking for answers to your questions, for solutions to your problems, for opportunies to improve your wellbeing and let go of outdated baggage weighing on your soul, to break through patterns that hold you down and heal. You are looking for a path that is your own and a direction that will lead you to a happier life.

Well, you have come to the right place.

Hallo und willkommen auf dieser Webpräsenz für Online-Psychotherapie (nach dem Heilpraktikergesetz)

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