Psychotherapy for native speakers or clients who prefer English in sessions


Psychotherapy is a delicate endeavor, and it is important to have the feeling one is truly understood by the therapist. If English is your native language or you feel you are firmer in English rather than German, it makes sense to find a therapist who speaks English on a level that enables you to converse freely and without having the feeling of impeding language or cultural barriers.

I grew up in a multilingual environment (even spoke fluent Japanese as a child) and attended an American International school for four years in Asia. I also lived in the States for some time. Due to my youth in international communities in Asian countries, and my many travels to differnt cultures as an adult, I can adapt and empathize with many different mindsets and am open to diverse cultural imprints.


The kind of therapy I offer is based on the humanistic approach to psychology, meaning that I mainly operate in person-centered therapy, where you are facing a congruent, authentic counterpart who provides unconditional positive regard and accurate empathic undertsanding. This enables you to tap into your issues and revise your patterns in a safe and benevolent environment where you can securely unfold your personality without being judged or analized.


Please feel free to contact me to make an appointment for an initial session so we can get to know each other and see how I can assist you on your healing path.